Update and CD Release

Facing West CD Release poster

Facing West CD Release poster

What’s happening?

I’ve now been living in beautiful North Santa Barbara County on the central coast of California. I moved out of LA and got remarried to a beautiful woman named Nanette.

Lately I’ve been enjoying my new scene and have finally finished the CD I’ve been working on for the last few years. I’m excited about releasing it at SOhO in Santa Barbara on Monday, Feb. 17th (oddly enough, the exact 10-year anniversary of my first CD Release – Different Jungles).

I hope that you all have a wonderful new year and that you’re able to come to this event. It should be a lot of fun!


The Band:

Jeff Elliott – Horns, Keyboard, Vocals
Vince Denham – Saxes
Jon Crosse – Sax, Trumpet
Quinn Johnson – Piano
Randy Tico – Bass
Kevin Winard – Drums
Jim Monahan – Guitar & Background Vocals
Luis Conte – Percussion
Miguel Leon – Percussion
*Adolfo Acosta – Trumpet
*Doug Webb – Saxes
Lois Mahalia – Background Vocals
Donna Greene – Background Vocals

*Subject to change

One thought on “Update and CD Release

  1. Ric Stabile, Drums/Vocals

    Jeff , Nice to talk with You and your “CD”
    Celebration. Well-done write up and Web design. I love “Right too the Target Point”. Quotes ! “Art is the Catcher………”
    That is profound , moving , Well said and…..Performs !
    I hope to see you at “Soho” for upcoming Feb.17, Mon.Nite CD Release .
    By the way ….I worked 2 different gigs with Doug Webb in Orange County at Corporate Event ……1980′-1990’s……Respectfully,……..
    Ric Stabile, Drums and Vocals


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